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KADDRA FARM INC. in a consultative meeting held in Free Town -Sierra Leone-West Africa- July 30, 2022.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,  representatives of other legally renowned institutions,  I send you a joyful and reasonable greetings from the Chief Executive Officer of KADDRA FARM Incorporation Mr. Amadu Brima Kamara in the United States of America who is also my hardworking Uncle.

In his shoe I speak, his clothes I wear; his cap I put on and his voice echo through me. We give honor and respect to those who deserve it and so have I, to our CEO of KADDRA. With a pure heart and dedication in this all important and sustainable development purpose, I warmly welcome you all.

My name is Abdulai Sheburah Kamara.

I am the legitimate Executive Director of KADDRA FARM Incorporation of Sierra Leone. A leadership bestowed upon me by the wise and gentle CEO of KADDRA incorporation Mr. Amadu B. Kamara who has taken me into a task that will ensure we contribute to global development by creating job opportunities for the youth especially the women and the aged, campaign to the people who are expected to stage efforts to grow local foods and be able to feed themselves; help stabilize global climate conditions for the good of the living; sustain the UN Peace assignment in societies; build quality education in the people about nutritious food and their roles and responsibilities; create an environment of clean water and sanitation; work within the rules for socio-economic standards to the door step of our own people all through agriculture and agribusinesses.

We are grateful to our Key Sponsors, an organization build in the United States of America for the American people and their very good friend which we all know as The United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Our distinguished ladies and gentlemen, we have presently supported the community people of Romankeneh Village, Gbinle-Dixon Chiefdom within the Kambia District that are growing local foods of our value chains and with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security that supplied us with seeds.

Been successful in the implementation of our project activities at community level, KADDRA Farm extend its appreciation to the following organizations:

1. Ishmamed Development Trade and Agricultural Association

2. Famaade Enterprise

3. Help Africa Women's Organization

4. Everybody Must Farm (EMF)

5. Makan Organization; and others to name but few.

I am inviting organizations and all to join the KADDRA for the good of sustainable peace and development especially in Sierra Leone.

Confidently, we have created an indelible presence in Kambia District though more support is needed for Micro-financing our women and the aged for self reliant businesses. From the USA stretched into Sierra Leone, KADDRA intends to embark on extensions of our services in all parts of Sierra Leone where and when the need arises.

We all know how challenging it is to have it, work on it with all evidences and being accountable.

I assure you that the roles of the Members of The Board of Directors and The Executives of the KADDRA set by the wisdom of the Chief Executive Officer, our partners and donors shall look into the outcome of our activities and happily support us to do more.

We need you onboard! We look forward to your friendship to expand!

KADDRA Farm is for you today, tomorrow and forever !

I thank you for your attention and your time that has made this crucial meeting successful today and may God bless you all.


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