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Fiscal Year 2019-21

                                            Performance & Accountability Report                                         

Message from the President/CEO


I am pleased to submit the Fiscal Year ( FY-2021)  Performance Report from the Office of President/CEO .It is a consolidated Performance and Accountable Report (APR) and it conveys performance, budget and financial information from our end of years farming activities.

About This Report

The FY 2021 (Annual Performance Report) provides an overview of Kaddra Farm’s program performance and results to help Board members, the President, donors and the public sector access over the financial resources received from contributions and donations entrusted to the organization. Our report is formally known as Kaddra Farm Communities Report (KFC). It is designed to be an executive summary highlighting both financial and performance results and will also improve reporting by making the information more meaningful and transparent to the public. The documents are available on the Kaddra farm’s website at  or click below.

The FY 2021 APR meets a variety of reporting requirements beginning from numerous bye-laws focusing on improved accountability among Kaddra Farm organization and guidance described in Article-11 Section: 2- of the bye-laws to the future partners. The report will also be sent to the new partner’s Management Office in fulfilling the mission.   


Thanks to the Kaddra Farm organization members and volunteers who put their talented skills and creativity to produce positive results for our contributors, donors and also the communities members. We will continue to implement initiatives throughout the organization to improve the performance of our programs and the accountability of our members. We bent on serving as a pendulum to further our ability and meet the unique human resource challenges of our communities and to ensure an effective civilian workforce.

Best Regards                                         Click (HERE) for the report


Amadu B Kamara,



Executive Director’s Office

31 Hospital Road, kambia Town, Sierra Leone.