Helping People in Sierra Leone Live Better Lives

Our Purpose

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world and in need of improvement. At Kaddra-Farm Inc., our purpose is to change this. We want to help those most in need in the country by not only providing them with food, but also medicine, education, and sanitation assistance. Our organization is also trying to build sustainable solutions to assist Sierra Leone with becoming self-sustained and bettering their economy.

Crop Harvesting Crops Truck With Clothes Villagers Gathering Crops

A Cause That Is Dear to Our Founder

Our president and CEO, Amadu Kamara, is extremely committed to our cause because he is a Sierra Leone native. When his father died in 2016, he traveled back to the country to pay his respects and connect with his family. While visiting, he had a realization that sharing his knowledge of farming and crop production with his family and local farmers could help the economy of the town dramatically. So Amadu collaborated with them, helping them plant and raise several different crops.

Today, the community has thrived. Amadu's family and nearby farmers have been successfully growing and selling crops to make a profit. Currently, they are in the process of purchasing farming equipment to help them produce even larger crops in the coming year. Amadu tends to do more projects like this in Sierra Leone, and possibly, in other places that can benefit from his knowledge.

Villagers Cutting Grass