Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Kaddra Farm is a global organization of dedicated volunteers, net working with farmers in other to change the world. Fighting against hunger strengthen the communities through service to farmers and communities. The team members help feed the hunger, care for the sick and also mentor the disadvantaged.

Dedicated Non-profit

Poverty and hunger are very challenging issues, but are solvable problems. Efficient agriculture is the first step toward healthy living, stability, and financial competence for any society. Kaddra-Farm Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in New York, based in Staten Island and Sierra Leone (West Africa) respectively. Kaddra Farm Inc supports and invests in the sustainability and the improvement of living conditions, stability, health, education and economic growth in the rural population of four communities in Gbinle-Dixian chiefdom in Kambia District Sierra Leone West Africa.   We help farmers grow organic crops. We sell the products and feed the hungry in Sierra Leone as part of our agricultural charity.

Agricultural Cherity

Unlike other nonprofits, we are very transparent. We make our efforts known to our associates, donors, and investors. Additionally, we operate a thrift store to collect funding for people in need. Overall, our hardworking members are committed to providing high-quality goods and services. We are also creating a way for people to donate to those fighting Ebola, HIV/Aids, Malaria, Corvid-19 as to name a few.

EBOLA is an epidemic threatening the lives of the people in Africa (Sierra Leone). We cannot solve this problem alone. I am not talking about a small scale of people, but all of humanity needs to help to solve this crisis. Kaddra Farm is there to champion this challenge. We need your help and indeed we appreciate it.