Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm




The organization’s first movement includes conducting workshop meetings with the farmers.

We listen to their needs and set up a format or a program to bring solution to their problems.  



Kaddra Farm invested more heavily in staff and volunteer members, for their skills, knowledge and capabilities. They teach farmers about modern agricultural techniques, micro finance, Micro economics and many more; such as:

·         Raising entrepreneurial awareness.

·         Planning the business.

·         Basic book keeping

·         Managing the business

·         Hiv/Aids,Ebola &SensitizationThis 

How does it work?

1. Micro-economies. This is a service teaching farmers, how to do the right decision on, why some goods have different values, also how to coordinate and cooperate to one another.

2. Micro-finance. This is a service to encouraging farmers to receive high-quality seeds and fertilizer on credit basis.  It’s a reasonable payment system that enables them to pay back their loans. This will help them become self-sufficient.



We work hand in hand with the communities leaders , to ensure a through sharing of information with free and open flow among all relevant actors. Like in

·         Materials used to ensure quality and standards,

·         Timeliness of delivery of planned activities.

·         Completion of the different stages of work, and

·         Provide regular update and progress reports to donors.


Monitoring will be on going throughout the life span of the project for

·         Quarterly narrative and financial reports, and also

·         An annual detailed report will be written.


It is very essential, because it helps to compare project up to date progress and expenditure as against the budget. It contains statistic of

·         Beneficiaries,

·         Production,

·         Sales problems lesions and

·         Recommendations for projects of similar nature.



Staff & Community Leaders

At the end of the project a final evaluation will be conducted by representatives from Kaddra organization and investors or the donors. This will focus mainly on the impact from the community and direct beneficiaries point of view.


EXIT Strategy:

We help farmers to reach out there produce to market through by local transportation and we also creating an impact to the community farmers by provide storage for their tools and seeds for future farming season.