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Kaddra-Farm is dedicated to restoring food security in communities in Gbinleh Dixain Chiefdom through local production and its community empowerment program. The purpose behind the project is activity driven. The purpose of these activities is to educate, strengthen capacity and raise the standard of living. Kaddra-Farm is looking for investment partner(s) seeking to improve the lives of people. The Organization's main objective is to contribute to the sustained improvement of living conditions, stability and  health of the population of four communities in Gbinleh Dixain Chiefdom in Kambia's district northern region of Sierra Leone. 
Activities in the agricultural sector are familiar and will not require extensive training or re-tooling. By creating and selling excess produce the standard of living will be raised, increase the opportunity to attend school and create access to medical facilities. Roughly 25% of the activities involve training. This component will contribute towards sustaining the project after the funding period and beyond. 

The sensitization workshops on Ebola and HIV/AIDS, Covid-19 and most recently Monkeypox will raise the awareness of those in remote areas who may not be aware of the causes, symptoms and control measure of such diseases.
The training on income generation will help women discover ways to generate their own income and expenses and by doing so will serve to raise the social status of the female population.

The remote locations of these communities have not made them ideal destinations for trained teachers. By increasing the capacity of two currently untrained teachers through formal training the standard of education will be raised.
Initial pricing will be established at a level which will attract buyers in an effort to build a client base.

The targeted location for the store is a high traffic area in Brooklyn, NY. Ownership is currently exploring options for a 3,200 square foot facility. Currently rental costs project at a range of %55,000 to $25,000 monthly. Possible locations include a display style window store-front with suitable parking. The floor space will largely be used as a sales floor with a few offices for store management. Similarly, food processing building which is now in effect in Kambia Town (Sierra Leone- West Africa)
 Value Proposition
Kaddra-Farm will have a unique support services component: supporters will donate merchandise and in return Kaddra-Farm will sell the merchandise to generate revenue which will fund much needed support services for women and children.

Cultural Dress

Price: $35.00/bag Rice

Price: $75.00/bag Cavasa

Price: $10.00/Handmade mug


  The most exciting partnership opportunities are partners that align with our  mission and preserve the trust of our members and the communities that we are serving. Our partners'  reputation and products, must show a high degree of integrity and a track record of good quality products and services.