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  The aim of the project is to contribute to a sustained improvement of living conditions, stability and health in the rural population. The main target group that will benefit are women, youth and children of the selected communities


  The communities selected for the implementation of a project are amongst the least developed in terms of rural poverty.  Within the Chiefdom the level of development and poverty vary from community to community.   

  This project will address the needs of fragile communities in these remote and neglected areas.  All of the activities in the project will in one way or the other contribute to poverty reduction and consolidation of peace through training and input support. The project will focus onevery member of the communities selected most specifically on vulnerable  groups in the society, which are youth, women, single mothers and the aged. 

          LONG - TERM  IMPACT:--

                             Kaddra Farm Inc:---

Even though there is a presence of peace, but we will address the problems illiteracy, poverty and public health, sanitation and hunger in Sierra Leone today. Furthermore, corruption, poor educational system, poor governance, poor management of public funds, etc., are some of the reasons why the problems still exist.

Kaddra Farm organization seeks to combat these issues through farming activities in the chiefdom to reserve the quality of life for the people in Sierra Leone.

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The Youths group in bush clearing activities.

Community members, Mixed crops farm,  harvest